Can’t Afford Dental Insurance: 4 Reasons You Need To Apply For Medicaid Dental Insurance

If you can't afford dental insurance for your family, it's time to enroll in a Medicaid program. Medicaid programs provide dental and medical coverage for low-income families. You might think that your family is safe without dental insurance. But that's not the case. Your family needs to have access to dental care services, regardless of your income. That's where the Medicaid dental program comes into the picture. Here are four services your family receives through the Medicaid dental program.

Early Childhood Dental Care

If you have an infant, now's the time to begin their dental care. Many people think that dental care should begin once the first tooth comes in. But, that's not right. Dental care should begin before the first tooth cuts through the gums. The Medicaid dental program ensures access to early childhood dental care. That means your baby can have their first dental screening before they cut their first tooth. 

Preventative Dental Care

If you don't have dental insurance, you may not be receiving the dental care you need for healthy teeth. Brushing and flossing several times a day helps protect your teeth. But, that's not enough. Your family needs to be seeing the dentist at least twice a year. During those visits, your dentist cleans your teeth. If you have plaque below the gum line, the dentist removes it. They also take a full set of X-rays to check for problems that should be addressed. Without that care, your family is at risk for cavities and gum disease. 

Restorative Dental Care

If a member of your family needs restorative dental care, you may worry about the cost. Restorative dental care includes services like dental crowns and caps. They also include services like dentures or bridges. These types of services are essential. They allow you to keep the natural appearance of your teeth. Medicaid dental insurance covers the restorative dental care you need. 

Emergency Dental Care

Even with good dental hygiene, emergencies can pop up. When they do, you need access to emergency dental care. If you don't have dental insurance, you'll have two options. You can endure the pain or you can pay out-of-pocket for your dental care. Unfortunately, emergency dental care can be expensive. That's why you need to apply for Medicaid dental insurance. Your Medicaid dental insurance covers those dental emergencies. That means you'll get the emergency care you need, without the out-of-pocket expense.

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