Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men: When Is It Necessary?

If you associate hormone needs with women only, you should know that men often have changes in hormones as well. Men, like women, experience hormone loss as they age, and the changes in hormones can result in changes in sexual behavior or desire, muscle mass, and other things.

Hormone replacement therapy for men can be as necessary as the same therapy for women, even though men don't go through an actual menopause-type of thing like women do. Men and women alike both have testosterone and estrogen hormones, although men have more testosterone, which is responsible for the deeper voices and body hair, among other things. However, when a hormone is lacking or acting in abundance in either men or women, hormone therapy is needed.

Here are times when hormone replacement therapy is necessary for male health. If you have a question about your own hormonal health, speak to your general doctor. They can refer you to a men's bioidentical hormone therapy specialist or give you hormone replacement therapy treatments themselves.

As you age

Hormone levels drop naturally with age. If you are experiencing fatigue, changes in behavior, a loss of muscle mass, or gaining weight for seemingly no reason, then a hormone displacement or loss of testosterone may be to blame. Your doctor will do a series of tests to determine your hormone levels and may recommend hormone replacement therapy as a treatment plan to help you get back to your normal self.

Hormone replacement therapy can be done at home in some cases and testosterone-infused deodorants can even be prescribed to help you boost your hormone levels as part of your daily regime. The amount of hormone replacements you need, along with your age and other factors, will determine what method of testosterone administration will work best for you.

With certain medical conditions

A medical condition known as male hypogonadism is a common reason to undergo hormone replacement therapy. This is a condition where the body produces little testosterone, either by birth or gradually. It's common to experience a low sex drive, hair loss, and a lack of muscle mass with this condition, and hormone replacement therapy for men can help. You should always see a medical professional to get diagnosed with a testosterone condition and receive care for it. This way, you put the right types of hormones into your body and have your condition treated under a watchful professional eye. Your doctor will ensure you get the care you need. Speak with a doctor about hormone replacement treatments to learn more.