Using Phentermine For Weight Loss? 4 Tips For Patients

Phentermine is a medication that doctors sometimes prescribe to patients who are trying to lose weight and who have struggled to lose weight via diet and exercise alone. Phentermine can be a very effective weight loss aid, but there are some tips you will want to follow to reduce the risk of side effects and maximize effectiveness while taking it.

1. Tell your doctor about any other medications.

Phentermine can interact negatively with a lot of other medications, including medications for high blood pressure and other cardiovascular issues. For this reason, it is important to tell your doctor about any and all other medications you are taking before you commence taking phentermine. Your doctor may want to take you off other medications, alter your dose, or switch you to a different medication that is more compatible with phentermine. 

2. Do not use alcohol.

Phentermine can cause very impaired judgement and other dangerous side effects when used alongside alcohol. Your doctor will tell you not to drink alcohol when taking this drug, and it is very important to follow that advice. No, drinking just one beer or one glass of wine is not okay — it could land you in the emergency room with heart palpitations or hyperventilation. 

3. Do not take more than directed.

If you do not immediately see positive effects, you might be tempted to take more phentermine than your doctor prescribed. You may figure that if your friend or partner was prescribed a higher dose, it's okay for you to take that dose, too. But this is not a smart approach. Doctors must tailor your dose of phentermine carefully based on your weight, age, and other factors. Taking more than your doctor specifically prescribed can be dangerous. If you do not think the phentermine is working effectively, reach out to your doctor rather than making changes yourself.

4. Don't take any other weight loss aids.

Phentermine interacts badly with a lot of other weight loss aids, including ephedrine and medications that contain caffeine. As tempting as it might be to double up on treatments to experience even more weight loss, this is not wise. Do not take any other weight loss products with phentermine — even those that claim to be natural supplements.

If you have any more questions or concerns about phentermine, reach out to a doctor to help or other websites to learn more. This is a medication to be careful with.