Lifestyle Habits To Avoid Following Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy tucks are a popular component of a "mommy makeover." This term refers to cosmetic plastic surgeries that women request after giving birth. In addition to tummy tucks, post-pregnancy makeovers include breast lifts and liposuction. While these surgical procedures are not especially high-risk surgeries, even the best plastic surgeons recommend that their patients avoid certain lifestyle habits before and after surgery to lower the risk for complications. Here are some lifestyle habits your surgeon may tell you to avoid after getting your tummy tuck. 

Cigarette Smoking

If you smoke cigarettes, try quitting before undergoing your plastic surgery. Smoking causes circulation problems, damages blood vessels, raises the risk for anesthesia-related postoperative pneumonia, and delays healing. If you are unable to quit smoking entirely, try cutting down.

Your doctor can recommend ways to help you quit if you are struggling to quit on your own. Effective smoking cessation therapies include nicotine patches, nicotine replacement chewing gum, smoking cessation support groups, exercise, and certain oral medications. Smoking can also raise your risk for postoperative infections following tummy tuck surgery.

Other benefits of quitting smoking prior to your tummy tuck include better flow to the surgical sites, better oxygenation to your vital organs, and a reduced risk for shortness of breath and nausea when you wake up from general anesthesia.

Eating Sugary Foods

Consuming a low-sugar diet before and after your tummy tuck is another lifestyle choice plastic surgeons may recommend. This is especially important for diabetics. The surgery itself can raise blood glucose levels, and when that's combined with a high-sugar diet, it may lead to postoperative complications.

These complications may include fungal infections at the incision site. elevated liver enzymes, lightheadedness, slow healing, cardiovascular problems, renal issues, and poor circulation. In addition to avoiding sugar-laden foods, you should also cut down on your consumption of soft drinks and fruit juices.

While many juices are considered healthy because of their potassium and vitamin C content, the high fructose content can negate some of the health benefits that these nutrients provide during the postoperative recovery period. If you have a sugar addiction, talk to your doctor before your tummy tuck. He or she may recommend that you gradually decrease your intake of sugar prior to your plastic surgery so that you do not experience any unpleasant withdrawal symptoms while you are in the hospital recovering from your procedure.

If you are considering a cosmetic procedure such as a tummy tuck, talk to your plastic surgeon about your lifestyle habits. When unhealthy lifestyle choices are avoided, you will be less likely to experience postoperative complications such as infections and poor wound healing.