Lower Back Pain And A Few Types Of Spinal Surgery To Treat It

If you have a lower back problem that causes a great deal of pain and if you have lost some of your functionality due to this discomfort, then you may be eligible for surgery. Read on to find out a bit more about some common spine surgeries for lower back pain. 

Surgical Laminectomy

The compression of the spinal cord is often to blame for lower back pain, and this pain can sometimes be relieved by decompression of the spine. The type of decompression needed depends on the type of tissue that is placing pressure on the spinal cord. If a vertebral disc is the culprit, then a surgical professional can perform a discectomy and remove the protruding portion of the disc.

If soft tissues are placing stress on the spine, then a laminectomy is performed. Oftentimes, a ligament that supports the spinal column becomes inflamed and presses on the spine, causing pain. The ligament is released to relieve the pressure and to resolve the issue. The lamina, which makes up the tough protective cover over the spine, will need to be cut as well. 

When it comes to surgery to decompress the spine, scar tissue formation may cause a new compression issue. Minimally invasive surgical techniques can reduce the risk of scar tissue forming, so make sure that your surgeon is using more modern and advanced surgical techniques.

Surgical Fusion

Certain occupations and ailments can lead to the degradation of the spinal vertebrae. As the bone breaks down, it can collapse in on itself, and stress is placed on the spine. When this happens, you will likely be unable to build back the strength, and sometimes fusing two or more of the vertebrae together is the only way to minimize discomfort. This is what happens during a spinal fusion procedure, and typically the lumbar vertebrae are the ones that are fused together.

Fusion occurs with the assistance of metal hardware in the way of plates, screws, or pins. And, depending on the severity of your issue, a bone graft may be needed to add bulk to the spine. The bone may be harvested from your own body. However, if your bones are weak and starting to deteriorate, it may be acquired through a tissue bank instead. 

Spinal fusion surgeries can help to encourage overall movement. But, you should know that you may not be able to bend forward as much as you once did due to the way the vertebrae are fused together.

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