Why Choose Urgent Care Services?

Urgent care clinics fill an important need. These clinics accept patients on a walk-in basis, which means you'll be able to see a doctor on the same day. Urgent care clinics can address broken bones, cuts, burns, infections, and more. Many urgent care clinics accept several types of medical insurance. Here are four reasons to choose urgent care services when you need medical assistance.

1. Receive a doctor's note.

Some workplaces require doctor's notes to excuse absences. If you're unable to get an appointment with your general practitioner, an urgent care clinic is your best option. An urgent care doctor can write a doctor's note that you can present to your boss. The note will explain the reason for your doctor's visit and assure your employer that you did not skip work frivolously.

2. Obtain a prescription immediately.

Prescriptions must be written by doctors. However, getting an appointment with your normal doctor can take up to a week. This wait time may be unacceptable if you need medication right away. Certain medications, such as antidepressants, can cause severe withdrawal symptoms when stopped suddenly. Other conditions, like urinary tract infections, can cause pain until they're properly addressed with antibiotics. At an urgent care clinic, you can receive a prescription immediately.

3. Avoid the emergency room.

When you're experiencing a medical emergency, you should visit the nearest hospital's emergency room. However, the ER is often busy. You may have to wait a long time to be seen, especially if your condition isn't dire or life-threatening. A trip to the ER can easily cost thousands of dollars, even with insurance. Not to mention, it's best to avoid using emergency room resources if you aren't in dire straits. Urgent care services offer patients an alternative solution. An urgent care clinic will be able to treat most non-emergency injuries and medical problems.

4. Receive prompt attention for injuries.

When you're in pain, you need relief quickly. Pain is a signal that something is wrong, so it's unwise to ignore it. If you're experiencing unexplained pain in a part of your body, an urgent care clinic can help. Urgent care clinics contain X-ray machines that can help doctors diagnose the cause of your pain. Doctors can splint sprained body parts and put casts on broken bones. Prompt medical attention can keep your injuries from worsening. An urgent care doctor will give you tips that will help you manage your pain levels at home, as well.

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