What Is Involved In Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a useful tool for people who have experienced injuries, illness, and more. Physical therapy patients may have been experiencing a variety of symptoms throughout their life, and they are learning how to use the tools available to build strength, flexibility, and function.

These are some of the ways you can expect to experience physical therapy if you choose to go this route.

A Variety of Exercises

Exercises are among the biggest components of physical therapy sessions. Each person will require different types of exercises, but the goal is to ensure that you have the foundation you need to build strength and become more flexible.

For example, you might benefit from aquatic therapy, in which you spend your time exercising in water. This helps take some of the pressure off the joints, so it makes for a much simpler exercise.

A variety of other exercises will help you work on your gait so that you walk without fear of injury. You will work on balance and mobility, both of which help you move with grace and strengthen your core. If you play sports, you will work on skills specific to these needs.

Exercises can also help you work on endurance. Endurance helps you walk, run, or otherwise exert yourself for longer periods of time. You will be able to perform exercises for longer periods of time with regular treatment.

Manual Therapy & Massage

Manipulation of the muscles will play an important role in your treatment. For example, the physical therapist may use a technique like myofascial release to get deep into the tissues and relieve pain and tension.

Joint manipulation may also play a role in your therapy sessions. This will help with your joint's mobility and stability as you walk and perform other activities.

Braces & Splinting

One of the most important things you may work on in physical therapy involves bracing or splinting an injury. This helps you avoid overusing parts of your body that are injured or not feeling great. You will also learn how to work with braces and other devices so that you do not injure yourself and can maintain as much function as possible.

Contact a Physical Therapist Today

A physical therapist can provide a lot of information about your potential treatment plan. Speak with a professional today to learn more about your options for building strength and flexibility so that you can live your best life.