Tips For Preventing Onsite Workplace Injuries

In 2019, 2.8 million employees across the United States suffered some sort of injury. Injuries are unavoidable at times, but there are still several instances that you can prevent from taking place. In addition to auditing your business safety and making some changes, there are some companies that provide onsite injury prevention services. This article will teach you why onsite injury prevention is so critical and what steps you can take.  

Why is it important to prevent onsite injuries?

Injuries are horrible for your business for several reasons. For one, taking ownership over the safety, health, and well-being of everyone operating in your building is positive for your company long-term. Company morale will remain high and your employees will feel cared for and safe when they know that they won't easily get injured on the job. Preventing injuries also protects your bottom line. Many civil cases get filed routinely due to injuries at work. These lawsuits take a lot of time and can cost your company large sums of money, in addition to driving up your insurance premiums. Your company stays more productive when you can curb these injuries as much as possible through proper planning and provisions. 

How can onsite injury prevention services play a role in helping?

Onsite injury prevention professionals will audit your entire business and workflow to pinpoint areas where injuries are likely to occur. Prevention will include matters like Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certified training and instruction, enforcing frequent breaks, creating plenty of light, keeping everyone hydrated, and having first-aid stations available and in full supply. These services can also include having trained professionals on-site that intervene quickly to provide treatment and minimize injuries. Perhaps most importantly, these professionals will develop protocols for documenting everything and making sure that information is passed along to the appropriate channels. 

Once you have an idea of your company's biggest risks, you can put specific precautions and processes into place that can help. For instance, you can make sure that everyone has protective equipment, materials handling equipment, excellent ventilation, and other measures. About 84% of all workplace injuries come about due to accidentally slipping and falling, contact with machinery or equipment, or overexertion. Do your best to slip and trip proof your business and enforce the proper use of equipment. 

Use these tips to work toward preventing injuries in your workplace. Talk to a company that offers onsite injury prevention services to improve safety in your workplace.