Don’t Make These Mistakes When Using CBD Oil to Cure Insomnia

It can be incredibly frustrating to feel tired but be unable to fall asleep or—even more annoying—stay asleep the entire night. While there are many sleep aids available, CBD oil has been providing relief to people suffering from anxiety-induced insomnia. Before you start experimenting with this natural remedy, avoid making these three common mistakes to ensure your experience with this supplement helps rather than hurts you. 1. Not Checking for Drug Interactions First Read More 

Two Ways To Give To A Child Cancer Donation Program After You’re Gone

Giving some of your assets to charity after you've passed is a great way to support your favorite non-profit organizations and reduce the tax burden on your heirs. Here are two ways you can accomplish this task in a way that will have minimal impact on your life and doesn't require a lot of effort to do. Assign Retirement Assets It's not unusual for people to leave behind retirement accounts full of cash when they pass away. Read More 

The Benefits of Investing in a Laboratory Information Management System

Scientific experimentation dictates so much of the societal advancements that take place, so it's important to keep up with the data as it is gathered and put to use. One way to do this is through a laboratory information management system (LIMS). Right now, these systems account for a more than $2 billion industry, which speaks to just how useful they are to all different segments of scientific discovery and experimentation. Read More 

Travel Precautions After Hip Replacement Surgery

A hip replacement procedure gives patients a new lease on life. Naturally, patients are often eager to jump right into many of the activities they once found too painful to enjoy, including travel. Travel after this type of operation is something you can look forward to, but there are some necessary precautions to keep in mind.  Shorter Distances Your first trip after hip replacement surgery should probably not include international travel. Read More 

Are You A Candidate For Sinus Surgery?

A countless number of people suffer from sinus issues every day; however, for a small group of these people, the problems they experience are outside the realm of normal. People with serious sinus issues have sleepless nights and painful days. If your sinus problems seem especially alarming, you might be a candidate for sinus surgery.  Medication Doesn't Help Sinus problems typically center around congestion. So, naturally, a decongestant is commonly the first thing people reach for when they experience discomfort. Read More