How Learning How To Not Swallow Air Can Help Master Bloating In Many People

Bloating is a common problem that impacts many people throughout their day. The many causes of bloating can make diagnosing an exact treatment hard for some to handle. However, one of the most common of these causes is likely involuntary swallowing that traps air in the stomach. Those who experience bloating due to this problem need to consider self-care and other treatment options.

How Swallowing Air Causes Bloating

Bloating is often triggered by what doctors call involuntary swallowing actions. People may not realize it, but they may gasp, yawn, or gulp unexpectedly for no reason. When they swallow unexpectedly, a certain amount of air gets swallowed and ends up in the stomach. That air will stay in the stomach and take up space, causing bloating that can become very painful and hard to handle without help.

The hardest part about this type of bloating is that few people know that are doing it. As a result, they may bloat up and not know what to do about it. Thankfully, there are many self-care methods that can help those who believe that swallowing air is causing this problem. And if these methods don't help, there are other treatment options that can decrease bloating and help a person stay comfortable and relaxed.

Self-Care is Beneficial

Defeating the habit of swallowing air can be a tough one for many people to manage. First of all, the best thing to do is be mindful of moments when a person may want to swallow air. These include when a person may feel anxious or depressed about something in their life. Involuntary gasps may require a careful understanding of these moments and the conscious attempt to avoid swallowing air.

Just as importantly, it is critical to have some types of medications in case bloating strikes unexpectedly for any other reason. Often, people can experience bloating when they eat certain types of foods, such as beans, various types of high-fiber foods, and other items that can trigger bloating in excessive ways. Paying attention to this aspect can eliminate unexpected bloating even when swallowing air or foods are not involved.

What can cause a person to bloat besides swallowing air and eating certain types of foods? Certain medical conditions can cause a person to bloat unexpectedly and sporadically throughout their day. As a result, it may be necessary to talk to a medical professional who can diagnose this problem.