About Dementia Care Centers

If your parent is suffering from dementia, then you may be worried about them living on their own, and this may have you thinking about whether your home would be the best place for them or if they should live in a dementia care facility. Some people may be worried about whether they are doing the right thing by moving their parent into a care facility. However, while you may imagine that your home would be the best choice for your parent, you might be surprised to learn about some of the reasons why a care facility can actually be best for them, even better than caring for them in your own home.

Consider the three following topics and learn why care facilities are often safer, and possibly even more comfortable for your parent with dementia.

1: There is 24/7 monitoring

You may have created the safest space you possibly can for your parent. However, that may still not be enough. Your home will have a lot of dangers, some of which you may not even realize. While you might monitor your parent as best you can in your home, you will still need to sleep. When your parent is in a care facility, there will be 24-hour, 7-days-a-week monitoring to ensure they are always safe. Some examples of things that can happen when you aren't watching your parent include them turning on the stove and leaving it on which can cause a fire, them taking the car in the middle of the night and getting lost, or even them going for a walk when you aren't paying attention and then getting lost.

2: There are health services

When your parent has dementia, they will neglect a lot of things because they won't remember to care for themselves the way that they normally would. Along with neglecting things like changing their clothing and doing their hair, they will likely neglect other important things like bathing, denture or dental care, and monitoring their health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. They also won't be able to tend to their medications on their own. When your parent is in a dementia care facility, these things will be done for them and there will be staff to ensure any other health concerns are recognized and taken care of right away.

3: There are helpful tools and resources

When your parent is in a dementia care center, they will have access to a lot of important resources, such as different types of therapists they can see depending on their needs, tools that are available to them to help them maintain as much independence as possible, and other important resources.