You Can Benefit From Laser Vision Correction

There is plenty of marketing for eye surgery out there, and you the consumer have no doubt heard about the merits of undergoing a Lasik procedure for myopia, hyperopia, and perhaps astigmatism medical eye conditions as well. Lasik surgery is a laser vision correction procedure that results in vision that eliminates your dependency on contacts or glasses to correct refractive errors in your eye. State-of-the-art laser technology allows your Lasik surgeon to perform 100 percent bladeless Lasik surgery that quickly helps you to recover from a refractive error procedure. That procedure is delivered to you using the Allegretto Wave laser system.

The Allegretto Wave Laser System

Your surgeon will be using the Allegretto Wave technology that operates at 400 HZ, which is notably one of the fastest laser systems being used now in America. It's an amazing system that takes approximately 6 to 8 seconds to deliver an average treatment. In some cases, it takes less time to deliver treatment. Actual treatment time may take 10 to 12 seconds in some cases. When you add other steps related to the procedure, complete treatment takes less than five minutes for each of your eyes. Since prepping for the surgery and waiting for medication to take effect is time spent at the facility, you will still only be spending about one hour at most Lasik centers.

How The Wave Works

Since the wave relies on what is called Perfect Pulse Technology, it controls energy level and the exact placement of each laser pulse that is emitted as it reaches your eye. At such a high active speed, pulse technology tracks your eye 200 times per second, which is remarkable. It even manages to track and follow your fastest eye movements while the procedure is ongoing. Perfect pulse technology is so accurate that it pauses if your eye moves somewhat out of range and then returns to a treatment position when your eye is back on track.

Why Undergo Lasik Surgery?

If you do suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, which results in blurry and distorted vision, Lasik surgery will benefit you. Astigmatism is associated with these other two conditions but can also be related to genetics.


Cost for Lasik surgery is expensive because it is rated as elective surgery, and insurance companies are not inclined to offer coverage for elective surgery. However, you can use a Care Credit card to pay for this type of surgery. Your surgeon's practice may have a payment plan that you could use, but that's something you should discuss with the practice's manager.