Signs Of Scoliosis And How It Can Be Treated

Scoliosis is when the spine is curved, causing a curvature in the back, or a hunch of the back. Scoliosis can be in the young or the old, but it usually presents itself in youth, before puberty hits. Some schools will test for scoliosis, but this is usually something that your pediatrician should check for in your child. There are some signs you can watch for that may indicate scoliosis. Read on for a few of these signs.

1. Uneven Hips, Shoulders, Or Waist

If you have an unevenness of either the hips, shoulders, or the waist, chances are it could be scoliosis. With the spine being curved, it can lead to these parts of the body becoming uneven as well. Your shoulder blades may also end up uneven as well. The spine could be protruding or it may be twisted to one side. This can lead to several parts of the body becoming uneven, and with time, it can lead to all types of issues for the entire body, which is why scoliosis can be crippling if not treated.

2. Rips Protruding On One Side

Your ribs may end up protruding on just one side more-so than the other. This is because the curve in the spine can end up pushing the rest of the bones attached to the rib cage to one side.

3. Walking With A Lean

If the curvature goes on for too long undetected, it can lead to a walk with a lean. It may also appear that you are limping. This is because one side of the spine may cause the rest of the body to be uneven.

Scoliosis can usually be treated with a back brace, which will help get the spine back into proper placement as growth occurs, but if scoliosis isn't caught prior to the growth spurt, or it is very severe, surgery may be required in order to get the spine back in place. This is something that needs to be checked out by a medical physician. If you suspect your child has any of the above-mentioned signs, it's important to get your child's spine inspected before it becomes a worse problem and to prevent the need for surgery.

Again, scoliosis can be treated with a brace, but if it isn't treated, it can lead to a number of medical problems later down the road.

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