4 Steps to Basic Wound Care

Every household should have a basic first aid kit. Minor scrapes, cuts, and bruises are part of everyday life, and being able to treat these injuries appropriately can prevent a trip to the doctor. Here are four wound care tips that everyone should follow when they accidentally cut themselves: 1. Take note of what injured you. In most cases, you can treat minor cuts at home, but there are a few situations when you should see a doctor to prevent a tetanus infection. Read More 

4 Tips For Developing A Workplace Injury Prevention Program

Employees spend a majority of their waking hours during the week at work. It is important to provide a safe environment for employees in order support their feelings of well-being and their ability to work to their fullest potential. Each organization should have a specific, individualized workplace injury prevention program that accounts for its unique working conditions. Here are four tips for developing a workplace injury prevention program for your organization. Read More 

The Role Of Leukapheresis In Treating CLL

On rare occasions, leukapheresis can be used to diagnose chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) when very large numbers of white blood cells (WBC) cause the blood to thicken and cause medical problems. Under these circumstances, leukapheresis can be an important treatment. What Is Leukapheresis? Leukapheresis is a procedure in which WBCs are separated from blood in a laboratory. This process is used to reduce a very high WBC count. It is also used to obtain blood cells from a patient. Read More 

Caring For A Sick Loved One? Why You Should Seek Assistance From A Home Healthcare Agency

Watching a beloved relative or close family friend suffer from a debilitating illness can feel like torture. There is so much you want to do to help but when your life is full of responsibilities you can feel like your hands are tied. Because you care about the well-being of the sick individual you may have invited them to move into your home. You'll be able to spend more time with them and be there if needed. Read More 

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Using CBD Oil to Cure Insomnia

It can be incredibly frustrating to feel tired but be unable to fall asleep or—even more annoying—stay asleep the entire night. While there are many sleep aids available, CBD oil has been providing relief to people suffering from anxiety-induced insomnia. Before you start experimenting with this natural remedy, avoid making these three common mistakes to ensure your experience with this supplement helps rather than hurts you. 1. Not Checking for Drug Interactions First Read More