Deviated Septum? Doctors Can Fix That

If you have visited your ear, nose, and throat doctor, you may have been recommended for septoplasty, or a septum surgery. Perhaps you were born with a deviated septum, or maybe an injury to the nose pushed things out of place, prompting a need for medical attention. What Is Septoplasty? Septum surgery is often used to fix a displaced septum. The septum is the part of cartilage in your nose that divides your nostrils into two sides. Read More 

Suboxone Vs. Vivitrol For Recovering From Opiate Dependence: What’s The Difference Between Them?

Quitting opiates is difficult, but there's help available in the form of medication-assisted treatment. These treatment methods use another medication to help reduce opioid cravings while you work on your recovery, and they also give you another safety net by blocking the effects of recreational opioid drugs while you're on them. Suboxone and Vivitrol are two medication-assisted treatments that have been very effective in helping people finally recover from opiate dependency, and both are widely available. Read More 

Infant Vaccinations: Addressing Common Concerns

Infant children require frequent checkups at the doctor during the first few months of life. The pediatrician will check to make sure your child is growing well, assess whether a baby is meeting milestones correctly, and look for any developmental delays. Your baby will also receive vaccines during well-baby visits to help protect them from dangerous illnesses.  Some parents can feel uncomfortable about vaccinations, and it is common to have concerns. Read More 

Paid Clinical Research Helps In The Fight Against Dangerous New Diseases, Like COVID-19

As COVID-19 spreads around the world and infects more people, it highlights the dangers that newly-emerging diseases present the world. Although COVID-19 is by no means dangerously lethal to the vast majority of people who get it, the introduction of new diseases like these put many people at a grave disadvantage. As a result, medical research may be the only way to help. New Diseases Develop All the Time Disease like COVID-19 develop all of the time and create a high risk for contamination and death in certain segments of the population. Read More 

What To Expect With An Allergy Patch Test

Patch testing is a test done to help diagnose airborne or skin allergies. This test is done by the dermatologist or allergist and is usually done in the office. This test helps determine if you are allergic to a number of different allergens at one time. It's called a patch test because a patch that contains a number of different allergens is placed on the back of the person being tested. Read More