Single-Dose Cataract Surgery Steroids Make Recovery Easier Since You Have Fewer Eye Drops To Take

When you have cataract surgery, you may need to take several eye drops during the initial days of your recovery. Your eye doctor may prescribe antibiotic drops as well as steroid drops that you have to take multiple times per day. These are added to any eye drops you took before the surgery, such as drops for glaucoma. Your doctor might reduce the number of eye drops you need to take by giving you a single-dose steroid after your cataract surgery so you can eliminate the need to take the steroid drops several times a day. Read More 

A Few Parts Of The Chronic Pain Management Process

Any type of pain can affect every aspect of your life. When the pain is chronic — meaning the pain is basically consistent — you may have to make some serious changes to your life. Unfortunately, chronic pain is not always curable (if it was, there would not be such a thing as chronic pain.) However, it is treatable. The treatments are not always quick fixes; you may stay in pain for a while before they take effect. Read More