Preparing For Recovery At Home Following Chiari Malformation Decompression

If you've been diagnosed with Chiari malformation and your surgeon has discussed with you that it is time to have surgery, you may feel both overwhelmed and relieved, particularly if it's been determined that the surgeon will need to cut through the dura. Chiari malformation decompression surgery with duraplasty is an invasive surgery that can take several hours and weeks if not months of recovery. Your surgeon will ask you to do a few things to prepare, such as do various presurgical tests and stop certain medications prior to surgery. Read More 

What To Expect When Having Your Broken Jaw Repaired Surgically

If you broke your jaw in a car accident or another similar incident, your doctor is likely to recommend having it surgically repaired. Most jaw bone breaks, when left to heal on their own, either set improperly or take a very long time to heal, which, of course, is difficult since you need a healthy jaw bone to eat. Your surgery will probably be scheduled with an oral surgeon, who is a dental specialist trained to perform surgical procedures on the mouth and face. Read More 

4 Kinds of Therapy Often Used by Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

Drug addiction is a disease, and it is not a disease you should have to fight on your own. There are numerous treatment centers throughout the country where you can get help breaking your addiction and working towards recovery. These treatment centers work, in part, because they employ a wide range of therapies and treatments. They can select the right combination of treatment protocols for each patient. Here is a look at four of the kinds of therapy you'll often see used at a drug addiction treatment center. Read More 

Are You A Minimalist When It Comes To Your Beauty Regimen? 3 Benefits Of Choosing To Use Dermal Fillers

Preferring to minimize how many things you do for your beauty routine shows that you have a natural confidence in your appearance that deserves to shine. While keeping things simple is good for your skin, you might have noticed those fine lines and wrinkles starting to appear. These are often just a normal part of aging, and those laugh lines show that you love to smile.  However, you may feel like its time to explore some options for giving yourself a fresh look without going overboard. Read More 

How Learning How To Not Swallow Air Can Help Master Bloating In Many People

Bloating is a common problem that impacts many people throughout their day. The many causes of bloating can make diagnosing an exact treatment hard for some to handle. However, one of the most common of these causes is likely involuntary swallowing that traps air in the stomach. Those who experience bloating due to this problem need to consider self-care and other treatment options. How Swallowing Air Causes Bloating Bloating is often triggered by what doctors call involuntary swallowing actions. Read More